Thursday, March 27, 2008


Sam and Nathan are both so funny.. but Sam really tickled my funny bone tonight!
Lately he has been calling me slow. Mommy is just too slow going up the stairs (note: this is when I am carrying laundry baskets or helping Nathan up the stairs..). Tonight Sam picked out his bed time story and sloooooowly went up the stairs. I had to call him on it. I told him he was a slow poke. The reaction: "No, I'm a fast-poke, you the slow poke!" *smiles*
Later on he started chanting, "Me a fast poke, mom is a slow poke"! So funny!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More Stepping Stones Drama

So I'd better post, for fear of boring my poor friends too much!
I am really annoyed at Stepping Stones right now. Lately I have been picking up the boys early because I don't have much to do, Real Estate related (or I can have them along for what I do have to do) and don't want to have to drive back out to Madison.. and there is that pesky little fact that I want to be around my kids. I don't like Sam's teacher and I am getting sick of 'needing' to validate wanting to be with my kids.
The administrator and the teachers all give me the "look" when I pick them up early. I haven't worried about it too much. My daycare is paid up until 5pm each day and don't think they should care that much about it. I do get state assistance, and just had to get reevaluated this past month. They know my schedule and everything is fine.
As I picked up Sam today the one 'teacher' of his told me Sam was not nice to anyone today. I told her he is still not 100 percent recovered from scarlet fever.. at that point she tells me that he was crying for me all day and that it made sense. Now I am annoyed at the teacher for not telling me that.. I would like them to tell me when my kids miss me and would even like to talk to them on the phone if they are as upset as she made it out that Sam was. Next she tells me that all state funded clients need to have their "admisitrators" sign off on my work schedule each week. Probably would be a big deal if I had a normal schdule.. But with Real Estate sometimes (like today for example) someone calls up and asks to see a house or right an offer on the same day. Don't know how I am going to accomidate this damn daycare. I have been wanting to switch for a long time and this might have to be the final reason to make the switch..
off to dinner.. more in a bit