Saturday, December 22, 2007


Well after 10 pounds of fudge, too many cookies, and wrapping like a fool (not to mention making presents), Christmas is almost here!
I am excited. Maybe Sam really being into it this year helps. I so want to open all their presents early.. it's not like they know what day Christmas falls on! But no, I guess I can't do that. Oh, I think Nathan woke up.. maybe more before the big day!


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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Back UP

So yesterday everything didn't want to work for me. The printer didn't want to feed paper. The USB ports weren't working on my computer.. the sewing machine hates me. I just had to leave.
Then I turned everything off and on and *presto chango* it works again! well.. the printer still doesn't work and the sewing machine and I still have our love/hate relationship going on.. but the USB ports work again!
I keep looking at my Christmas tree and it looks so naked compared to everyone elses.. but I don't want to add more ornaments either. Simplicity this year!
Now I have to wrap all the presents.. Still have to make/order some. Want to make the boys a puppet show stage.. am slightly (okay very) afraid that if I pick up a circular saw I will cut off an appendage. For those who know me, it is very redundant to state that my coordination is less than ideal.. power tools + me= .. oh the unpleasantries!
Got our christmas pictures back yesterday. How cute my kids are! And I even look good in one of the pictures! I don't mean to toot my own horn, but i sure to make some adorable kids!
It is hard to concentrate, this church smells like sewage. Septic problems.. Who ever invented air fresheners was a genius. They probably got *stinkin'* rich!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sam's Gift

It was in early December when I received an email from a cousin of mine. She is a teacher in a poor school district. One of her student’s family of 12 had suffered a house fire which destroyed all they owned and killed their grandfather and dog. They had a little baby the same size clothes as my youngest son and two high school girls about my size in clothing.
I responded by getting some curtains I no longer use, some clothes that were “professional” nice but not trendy, and some of my son’s clothes that he did not really wear to much any more.
As I was taking the boxes of stuff I had collected to the front door one morning, Sam, my three year old asked what was going on. I told him there was a fire in someone’s home and the family lost all they owned. Even their grandpa and dog got hurt. I explained to him that there was a baby who lived with the family who was Nathan’s (his baby brother) size. Sam’s face got very serious. “Hmmm..” he said as he put his hand on his check (his new thinking gesture). Then he went to the kitchen and brought out a container of juice to the front door. He went back and forth until he had brought all of his juice to the front door. My children do not get very much juice. It is only for special occasions, which lead me to ask Sam, “What are you doing?”
“Juice, Mom. Juice make Baby better.”
Sam wanted to give ALL his juice to the child he had never met before.

Sam showed me what true giving is. My son gave what was most valuable to him. I only gave what I no longer wanted or used. My three year old taught me how to give from your heart, even to people you don’t know and will never meet. Sam reminded me of what the Christmas Season is about.
The following week, I moved the kids up in clothes so that I could donate all of the clothes we have in the other child’s size.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


I have just been thinking about how it seems some people have everything together. They get so much done, efficiently. I am thinking of how I appeared to the administrator of the preschool/daycare this morning. Two lunch boxes, check; two book bags, check; extra shoes for the boys, double check; all the doctor physicals, eli physical, permission forms, and various papers, check; Sam, check; Nathan, Nathan.. where did your socks and boots go? We just walked in the door and I carried you in with both boots and socks on.. check.
Yolanda, the sweet woman who stole my heart, (she was the first person--no family--to watch either of my children), asked me this morning (hair disheveled and lopsided), "More? More babinos?" I had to reply, "Uh.. NO.. not today .. maybe tomorrow!" She love my little guys.
I don't know how people have THE job, THE cars, THE houses, the KIDS, a social life (??), friends, animals, and then the hobbies! Some days I am more ambitious, sure, and I get quite a bit done.. then, most of the time, I am with the boys.
I think I have enough time to sew presents, go to school (trying to make it work), sell real estate, be a secretary, and mommy of two little boys. I don't know how anyone does it.
I know how I am saving a lot of stress and time this holiday season anyway, online shopping. That is the way to go. I had to wait in line to return a printer cartridge forever today. Then there were more and more lines everywhere I went. Internet or Catalog shopping, so much easier! If you can get free shipping, icing on the cake!
My deepest respects to all out there who do it all, pretend to do it all, or have children and throw there hands in the air as they dump all the noodles/instant potatoes/cereal on to the floor after smearing the mysterious unknown substance on the walls/floor/you.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Slip Slidin' Away

Ahhh.. the year is almost over..
and I am reallly inspired lately. Perfect time of year. Normally get a well needed boost before Christmas. Hope I can keep it until after the season.
Seeming sick, for whatever reason.. (*could it be the jolly green snotted little?*)
Inspired just the same. I had even started making everyone's Christmas presents this year.. slightly short lived vision. Good thing some of these houses closed, now I can buy presents!
Still trying to wrap up (ha-pun!) my crafty work for two people.. I hope they don't hate it too much when I'm done. If I get done. Maybe I'll get them supplimental gifts to go along with the hand crafted one... hmmm... only Christmas Eve will tell!
Today, I had to take the boys to get blood work (lead/blood count testing) and shots (not so fun). It took the people over two hours.
On a side note: I've been wanting to make bread. Every time I try, well it just doesn't look quite right or taste quite right.. I should do this in the Summer when it is hot, perfect for rising. I think next time I will put it in the oven on warm.. wonder what that would do. I am glad I get MS mag.. they have a bread making page tutorial. Hope it works.. if not I might have to enlist people to teach me in a remedial bread making class or something.
Now I am getting tired again... damn sickness..