Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sledding Possiblities

It is finally going to warm up enough that I think we can go sledding! I hear the temp is going to go up to almost freezing! How exciting! Right now it's snowing pretty good. Sledding was my dad's brillliant idea.. maybe Liz would want to come too! Might need a little extra help with the young one's first time sledding. Wow.. Sam is three and this is going to be his first time sledding. I guess my kids are kind of deprived!
I need to get them out and use up their energy.. during the wee morning hours Nathan pulled his trim off his door in his room. Nathan also just took apart one of my chairs. I need to run that child until he can't think about being destructive anymore. I understand it is just curiosity.. but goodness he gets into everything! *smiles*
Speaking of Nathan, he just climbed into my lap.. Currently rearranging my desk.. we are off to do an art project!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Market Reports and Mental Illness

So I don't really know where to start. I have decided that all who have mental illnesses need to stay away from me unless medicated (esp. those with Bi-Polar disorders). Guess what? Them there people are just crazy. I'm not trying to be a judgemental person or anything.. but if you be crazy.. I don't want anything to do with it.
okay, now that that is out of the way: I am bothered about the damn day/pre-school. Still. But can't seem to find somewhere else with a comparable program that is close by. So I am stuck. The boys like it just fine.. well until they get sick every other week if not more. Nathan was up so much last night, whimpering sort of and I asked him what was wrong.. "ME" (pounding chest) "ME" (pounding chest), "ME" (pounding chest).. :( ...
In the morning he started taking off his jams (pjs), mind you my house is not the warm enough in the winter that you just want to take off your clothes!, and I felt his head.. burning up. Temp 102.6. It's official, sick baby. No School. No officially going into work. time to shine as momma of sick babies.. very tired this morning.. didn't help.
*After yet another phone call* As stated earlier, please just leave me alone if you have mental issues! (skip over next paragraph if not wanting to read the venting!)
Okay so luckily I work part time as the secretary of that church.. if I worked anywhere else, I would have lost my job ~ again! So Nathan's father called (after he has been saying how he wants to prove that he can be a GREAT father and all this bullshit for the past week or so) and I told him Nathan was sick. He told me I had better keep giving Nathan Motrin (hmm.. I'm all out and the boys are in the tub and it is pretty damn cold outside). I told him I was out and maybe he should go pick some up. He starts telling me how Nathan has been sick for days (news to me) and I have been out and about all day (again, very interesting... seeing how that is not right either) and how could I have not picked up Motrin for Nathan. I tell him he is more than welcome to go get some on his way home from work. He tries to guilt me, some more, into packing up the now wet headed sick children (Sam's getting an intestinal funk as well) to take them to the store to buy Motrin.. nope not going for it. I tell him he can go get it himself or I'll have someone else do it for me. (Seeing how I kind of forgot about Motrin's magical powers!). After some unnecessary huffing/puffing, he says it will have to wait until he showers and eats and stuff (it takes him roughly 3 hours to get his boots off, shower, & eat). I told him to forget it. I'm getting the boys upstairs for early bedtime and Sean shows up with a 1/2 used bottle of Children's Motrin. Not really what I had in mind. Kind of wanted a new bottle of infant Motrin. I had just dosed him with Tylenol. Then he calls and tries to validate his point some more. ARGH.
okay enough of that.
I completely forgot about a market report I should have done earlier this week.. am trying to do it now, but can't concentrate. Finished up the other one this afternoon. Then, probably since I forgot about the one that is late, I agreed to take one that will actually pay me (in a month anyway).
Oh and I have a showing tomorrow morning around 10am. The other agent I had on call for a backup showing agent asked me yesterday if they were safe to make other plans.. I am just not a fan of virus's right now.
I can't believe I have wasted 2 hours trying to finish these things up, but I am so tired (the fact that my office light won't turn on isn't helping) I can't concentrate.
Good night!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

All new and shiny

Well it's a new year! 2008. Figured I should write another post before it was too late into the year.
The boys had a grreat Christmas. Sam put out the cookies/milk for the big guy and Nathan put out the carrots for the reindeer.. When Sam woke up on Christmas morning he came into my room and asked where Santa was. Apparently he didn't quite understand that Santa would leave after bringing the presents. So we went down stairs to see if Santa had indeed thought the boys were good (mom not so sure). Sam didn't seem to see the new wagon or the easel set up in the living room.. forget the stockings (way above his eye level).. he went right for the cookies, milk, and reindeer. Nathan was quick to follow "Brother". "The REINDEER, MOM," Sam was very interested that the reindeer had come into our living room and eaten the carrots the boys laid out for them.. Then *gasp* the milk was gone as were most of the cookies.
After much encouraging the boys started to notice new presents under the tree and stockings full of goodies. The boys didn't want to get into anything, they wanted to eat. now. They wouldn't even let me take my stocking to the table to peak.. Knock, Knock Grandpa shows up. Oh he's excited too! He wants to see everything.. well everything he got them.. poor boys wanted to open some of Santa's presents and 'Pa made them put them back! After many hours (They were interested in the presents, but not in seeing what else they got) of opening and mom having to insist they keep opening presents we finished.
uh oh.. between the cinnamon buns covered in sugar icing, and the cookies and fudge that they kept managing to have in their hands, and the loads of presents.. the melt downs began. The boys didn't take a nap.. and luckily it was just about time to go to dinner at the wonderful Berly's!! I just love dinner there. I didn't even have to cook. Not that I was going to at that point anyway.. I don't know what it is yet, but when a three year old who says he wants something and then he doesn't and then he does (passionately mind you) and then he doesn't .. well makes me want to lock my self in my room and have a time out. At the Berlys he just is much better. He still has his moments and Nathan is deadly afraid of their dogs (he so wants to love them), but it is like a slice of heaven!
Come home and they fall asleep in the car. Wake up and into mom's bed for a movie.. They were asleep a couple hours later and what a wonderful Christmas it was.
For our New Year's Eve celebration.. I went out and bought cabbage (for good luck supposedly) and sparkling apple juice. Made cabbage and noodles and turkey kielbasa (i know you are supposed to eat pork and cabbage.. but maybe fake, healthier "pork"-turkey will count) . Really curious if eating this cabbage works (hope the turkey doesn't sabotage it..). Never tried it before.. somewhat interested in the superstition. Sam loved the noodles and made sure to pick around every single piece of cabbage there was on his plate.. Nathan just ate the kielbasa (and beans). I was not eating a whole head of cabbage myself (would have made for a foul start to my new year).
After dinner and around 7PM I put the boys in their pj's and we had a new year's toast! Very cute. Clanking glasses with "bubblie". Sam sipped some and shook all over.. yuck face.. "me no like".. Nathan.. "nononononono" spitting out.
I went to take it from them both.. nope Sam was determined to drink it all. Every sip was the same as the first and Nathan happily traded for a glass of milk (more cheers and clinking).
Happy New Year!