Thursday, June 26, 2008


Well in light of *forgetting I had a blog* until Gretchen mentioned she hasn't blogged in a longggg time.. I see it is time for a much needed update.
School started about two weeks ago, and I am holding a 92% in biology!! and another A in English. I caught this miserable, vomitous stomach bug from somewhere, I blame the daycare, (luckily my children don't have it too). I have gotten better to the point of being able to sit upright without getting sick. No solids, unfortunately.. Doctors specific orders: "No Steaks."
Luckily Melanie came to my rescue after the boys got into my yarn basket and completely intertwined themselves head to toe, together with yarn. Also they were so ensnarled with the furniture in three rooms that they could no longer move. All this was achieved in 20 minutes. I'm just glad I could find the scissors to cut them out!
Melanie had to go after feeding the boys dinner and helping dress them in their jams.
Sean decided to come over (after asking me why I bothered to call him when I was sick). Sam and Nathan decided they were hungry again. Sean got annoyed with me, asking if I had even fed them yet. Remember, this is the day I can't sit upright without vomiting or almost falling over.. as the nasty bruise on my hip can attest to my fall on the stairs. Second dinner done. I ask if he can wash their faces with soap and a *clean* wash rag.. he doesn't see why putting soap on a really dirty wash rag doesn't make it clean. I found him a clean rag and towel. I told Nathan to quit jumping on the recliner, Sean tells him to stop it, Nathan laughs and continues on. Sean gets mad and pulls on Nathan's ear so Nathan cries. Nathan gets mad at Sean and Sean says, "But your mom doesn't want you to jump on the chair, that's your mom's rule. I don't care, but your mom doesn't like that."
Finally bedtime. Sean reads some stories to Nathan. Liz calls and I thank her for checking on me, and that I'll survive! *smiles* Go to give Sam a kiss good night and Sean tells Sam I was, "too busy on the phone to read him a story, but *sigh* I (sean) guess I can do it."
These pricks should start a club.. "THE BEST DADS IN THE WORLD CLUB" and while they are at their "club meetings and club functions" the real dads will be home with their kids spending the time that goes by so very quickly with their amazing children.
Some people just don't get it. And they never will. It's a shame. I really hope that Nathan and Sam don't grow up to think that is the way a real "dad" acts.