Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Disappearing VHS tapes...

We all remember VHS tapes.. right? They are BIG BLACK BOXES (retangles technically).. not so easy to lose.. right? Wrong. Somehow Sam and Nathan seemed to have lost one VHS case from a library (read super bulky) and a VHS (two different movies). I asked them to find them. Sam can find anything. He sees the one sugar ant crawling on the carpet. The kid is amazing at finding things. Can we find the VHS's? No. SO I even started looking, in earnest today. Dumped out every thing in their playroom.. nope. Under the couch, in the couch, chairs.. laundry that was folded and not put away yet.. wonder how long I can renew these tapes? Might be a good thing. Might make me re-organize/clean out some stuff.. Might.
I'm thinking about searching some more. I just don't understand where it went.