Thursday, July 17, 2008

Shorts Parade

Not too much to report today.. We did go on a "Shorts Parade".. *Shorts Parade is a Sam idea: Wear shorts on your head (even Nathan's teddy bear participated), blow the train whistle, sing ("We built this City on Rock & Roll"), and march throughout the house.* It was probably the highlight of my evening!
I did decide to go with Miller Realty, as a trial. I have to wait a few weeks to wrap up another deal before I move, to keep my commission! Jerks were going to leave me with leaving me with about 0.4% commission... that's not so good! I'd much reather have my 1.25% thankyouverymuch!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mid July 2008

Things have calmed down a bit.. Phew! Or at least it just feels like that. I still have price opinions due tomorrow, and two more tests this week with double the reading assignment, english homework, the annual Ashtabula Co. Board of Realtor's Picnic on Thursday, and the Ladies Golf Outing on Friday morning... I want to switch Real estate companies this week. And am working with three buyers right now. Septic inspections on the same day as the golf outing and meeting with another client.
I have some family pressure to ask my Uncle if he wants me to join up with the family real estate company.. but I doubt they want to get a website, or advertize, or hire someone to work the phones on the weekends, or do the things that most of the companies do now. I don't really feel like asking him to "update" their services in order for me to work there. It would be kind of nice, because not to many people really are working there. There is a secretary and my Uncle is in and out.. the old attorney has an office in there, and some auctioners are there.. but that's about it. I might be able to get a sweet office, but that has been offered at the other office I want to join with too. I really need to switch tomorrow or Thursday. I don't even know if my Uncle is a NAIDS broker (HUD authorized broker).. I guess I could use the broker's number in the Jefferson branch. I think it might be funny working for family anyway. I don't know. I guess it wouldn't hurt to talk with him, but I really don't want to insult him or the family company because they are behind in the times. It works for them currently.. it just wouldn't work for me right now.
Should be nice when I switch though, I'll get two new listings off the bat. A good start. Well, I'm off to go to a Broker's Open at a Lakefront property for lunch.. might even go back for dinner!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bleach Plus Deer Blood Don't Mix

Fourth of July Weekend O8. Friday was calm, Liz came over and we had some food on the grill. Went over to her brother's new house, ate more food. Came home, listened to neighbors set off fireworks for a while. Comforted littles who woke up from all the racket!
Saturday, went fishing with my dad.. well Sam really was the one fishing (he caught 4 fish!), then we hung around the house for a while and then went to the park with Liz.
Sunday; cleaned up the house a little. Weeded the shade flower garden and planted some lavender. Got eaten up by bugs outside. Picked some berries and relaxed at the blue house some more. Went to the Berly's for dinner (wonderful!) and ate a delicious black raspberry yummy cobbler thing. Came home and wondered why my clean house smelled so bad. I mean it was BAD. I have the reed diffusers and scent this and scent that. I really can't stand stinky houses. I started smelling and looking around.. No diapers, not much in the trash can... go into the basement to find a jar for Sam's lightening bug.. and my goodness.. wtf?! I open the freezer to see if everything is frozen (about a week ago I thought I had left the freezer door open because some of the stuff became unfrozen). Nope.. everything is completely thawed out. Including the entire deer and the 5 gallon tub of ice cream in there. So I discovered that deer blood and ice cream (and a couple whole chickens and random animal parts) really can stink up a house. Two rolls of paper towels and a bunch of bleach later.. and all I can smell is the deer blood and bleach. Gross.