Saturday, August 23, 2008

To Every Season*

Well I finally changed real estate companies two days ago. I had been waiting for a house I had listed in Perry to be closer to closing. I should have been able to switch in July.. but first they couldn't find the septic tank, or the well, and then the home inspection results came back (highest radon test EVER).. with shoddy electrical.. really thought the deal was going to not go through.. but they extended the date to this up coming Friday and it looks like it is going to close. Woo Hoo!! We will see..
In the mean time, I had a hunch that a client of mine was going to want to write an offer and I couldn't wait another 45 days to switch. So I drove up to Cleveland (car stalled twice on Superior Ave) and switched my license. Now I am negotiating that deal (where I had the hunch), and hopefully will get some listings and sell some too! Before I left I spoke with my sales manager and told him I have been trying REALLY HARD not to sell any real estate or list anything until the move, but it has been so hard to put everything off. .. he chuckled (as he thought that was crap) and said basically my paychecks would reflect that inactivity!
I am excited and nervous all at the same time! With the transition, there is a little confusioin.. but that will clear up soon!
I can't believe the Summer is almost over! Well Sam and Nathan really want to play outside before the big party, so I best take advantage of the beautiful morning!
*Turn, Turn, Turn*

Spider Cake Day!

Today is Sam's 4th birthday party day!! Ever since Nathan's birthday (where someone made him a lion cake, which he LOVED), Sam has wanted a spider cake. At least once a week since April, he has asked about his spider cake. I researched some spider cakes online and found some that "bleed"--so cool! Sam decided he wanted white cake with fudge frosting (and I filled it with some fudge pudding). I had extra batter so I made this little spider cupcakes.. it kind of looks like Halloween in my kitchen!
Luckily he wants pizza for the party (and it's at a park) so it should be really a laid back, easy party. I have to go to the store and pick up a couple things yet (extra napkins, balloons, cups, forks)--oh and since there's pudding in the cake I'm not doing icecream (even though I love icecream)! So much easier!
Some people can't make it to Sam's party so on his actual birthday, Monday, we are going to have a little birthday dinner. An idea I adopted from good friends of mine. They had to coach me a little about it! I was talking to my friend and told her I didn't know what I was going to make for the dinner, and she reminded me to ask the birthday boy (because it is HIS birthday dinner!). Good Call!