Thursday, October 2, 2008

Blue, Red, and Purple Ribbons!

Well the Grape has come and gone again this year. Too bad the weather kept promising to rain and kept the turn out less. Sam and Nathan decided to help me make some banana bread and carrot cake for the merchant's bake contest. I made some apple muffins (the apples somehow disappeared within the muffin.. hmm..) and my no-bake cookies. Sam won 2nd for his carrot cake and Nathan won 2nd for his banana bread! I did win a blue ribbon for the no bakes and lots of "purple" ribbons too. *smiles*
Next year we are going to try to enter more contests and win a couple more blue!
Today is another of the cold days. Can't wait for this weekend for it to pick up in temperature. burrr..
I am trying to get my house all cleaned up and organized for Friday. Sam's IEP meeting is going to be at my house, which means the principal of Austinburg Elem, the speach therapist, and his preschool teachers are all going to be in my house. I had the front lights installed yesterday, transfered flowers to the front yard, and mulched around everything. Now I have to work on the inside a little bit. And maybe bake something that morning so it smells wonderful.. and snacks help meetings go faster too.
Real Estate is going well with the new company, Miller Realty. Have had a little spat with one of the other realtors there. But I have a feeling she'll start doing things my way! She just needs to share!
I have a sale that should be going through by the end of the month and I am concentrating my efforts on referrals. That's right, everyone.. I NEED BUSINESS.

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