Wednesday, December 10, 2008

15 Days of Christmas

Again it has been a while since I updated.. Somehow going to classes really took more time than I thought it would. This past term is just about over. I have to just do one more discussion board post about Reagan and Clinton.. and I'm done. I am very nervous to see what both teachers thought of my papers. We will see. It really is amazing how much extra time I have now that the classes are almost over. I have been able to do dishes, laundry, and clean everyday! Sad excuse for a vacation!

Sam's speech is AMAZING. We've been having fun with Christmas words, like "green tree," "wreath" and the like. He is just doing GREAT!!

We put up our tree.. which is really fun this year. No gates! There are tiny bulbs and magical lights, hot pink tinsel and a black bow or two.. kid ornaments and clear beads.. I love it!

The next step is getting the cookies and sweets done. I want to finish early this year and maybe get them out by this weekend or early next week. Russian Tea Cakes, Cocoa Crinkles (brownie like inside), Pecan Rum Clusters, Peanut Blossums with Snickers (Angel was on to something there), Coconut Cookies, Gingerbread People, Dinosaurs, and Elephants, and maybe some Cutouts.. Visions of Deliciousness Float in my Head!

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